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Third Years Weekend

The freshmen weekend organized by AIM was fun – undoubtedly. But it pales in comparison to what is awaiting you all: the legendary Third Years Weekend!

Over the course of the past three years, we have enjoyed the privilege of being part of the PPLE community. The rollercoaster of this special course has taken us on a ride with both ups and downs and we have made many great friends and memories along the ride. Before our adventure is coming to an end and most of us will (hopefully) graduate in June next year, it is time to seal our bonds at the Third Years’ ‘Not-So-Freshman-Anymore’ Weekend.

Do you think it is important that everyone stays part of the PPLE network after graduating, do you believe that this weekend would be a perfect opportunity to establish the roots of such a network, and do you love to drink excessive amounts of beer and party with all your PPLE friends in the middle of nature? So does the Third Years Weekend committee! Join us!

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