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The Fourth Board of AIM – 2017/2018

Chair: Allison Hatch
Secretary: Anna Heredia
Treasurer: Wouter Groot
Internal Commissioner: Ferdinand Zarbl
External Commissioner: Stef van Kleef
General Commissioner: Rosie Schwarz


The Third Board of AIM – 2016/2017














Chair: Dina Hrastović
Secretary: Meggie Salomonsz
Treasurer: Merle Schulken
Internal Commissioner: Marilique Nijmeijer
External Commissioner: Eva Berger
General Commissioner: Maria Heiberg


The Second Board of AIM – 2015/216

Chair: Mia Georgis
Secretary: Marlene Straub
Treasurer: Roemer ter Linden
Internal Commissioner: Kiki Holshuijsen
External Commissioner: Jim Odenhoven
General Commissioner: Kees Foekema


The First Board of AIM – 2014/2015 Β 











Chair: Pim ten Thije
Secretary: Patricia Zetterbeck
Treasurer: Berend Verweij
Internal Commissioner: Thomas van der Sommen
External Commissioner: Mia Georgis
General Commissioner: Nico Spruit

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