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Although the new block has only just started, we’re already getting ready for the 2nd Semester! It’s time to put those New Year’s resolutions of ‘being more prepared’ to the test – buy your books for Semester 2 NOW with a 15% discount

The Athenaeum book-sale closes on the 28th of January at 23:59. Your books will be handed out by the AIM Board at the Athenaeum Bookstore near Roeterseiland – you can pick up your books during the following time-slots:

• Monday 4th of February 13-17h
• Tuesday 5th of February 15-17h

NB: Please note that you cannot pick up your books outside of these hours!

To buy your books, simply follow the instructions below and a smooth start to the new semester is guaranteed! 

How to buy your Semester 2 books with member discount: *

1. Click on the link below
2. Go to ‘Studieboeken’ >> ‘Studieverenigingen’ (NL) or ‘Study Associations’ (EN)
3. Select AIM PPLE and the PPLE Programme
4. Select your Year and Semester 2
5. Select all books for Semester 2 that you want to buy
6. Add a membership to your basket (if you haven’t purchased one yet)
7. Finalize your payment
8. Come pick up your books in the Athenaeum bookstore during one of the time-slots mentioned above (don’t forget to bring your order confirmation)!

* If you buy your books through this link, the book discount for AIM members is processed automatically. So don’t forget to add an AIM membership to your basket if you are not a member yet! 

Buy your Semester 2 books here!

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