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Every End Is A New Beginning …

Every end is a new beginning …

The last block has arrived and with PPLE drawing a close to the year, so is AIM. Our most recent events demanded quick wit. In our first event in June, we debated the blurry line between a war criminal and a national hero with the study associations SES and Radost. Then, only last week, PPLE students could face off against each other and PPLE staff in our infamous yearly pub quiz borrel.

But that doesn’t mean we are done yet. Next up we have a fascinating panel discussion by our Academic committee about AI and the hereby connected implications for PPLE. And, as our official last event this year, we are awaiting all of you at our AIM Boat Party! We stepped up a gear this time and upgraded our boat to the Supperclub Cruise, which has not only one, or two, but three stories to party into the night.

But, even if this year is coming to an end, don’t despair, because every end is a beginning. As most of you have probably already noticed, there is a new board in the starting position. Our application committee worked hard to create the best combination it could, given the countless applications we received. Now, here they are: Valentina, Manon, Josephine, Johannes, Veerle, and Loek. But choosing them was only the first step. As the old board, we are spending countless hours, teaching them, briefing them, preparing them for their next year.

They are motivated, they are innovative, they are excited. With them in charge, we are sure that the next year of AIM, will be just as good as this one, if not even better.

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