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From Canals To Camels…

From canals to camels…

Let’s face it: the courses between January and April are the real challenge of PPLE. Stuffed with Christmas dinner and oliebollen and fuzzy from the love of family and friends, students return to typical (read: horrible) Amsterdam weather and constant vitamin D deprivation. However, there is one source of light at the end of the tunnel: the Spring Break. A week without PPLE pressure and for many students an opportunity to enjoy free time with their newfound or long-standing friends. For our association, and especially for AIM’s Travel Committee, even more exciting, because it marks two of our biggest events: the Spring Break and the Weekend Trips!

This year the Travel Committee outdid herself and organized the Spring Break Trip to the most exciting destination yet: the beautiful city of Marrakesh, Morocco! Tickets were sold out in 11 (!) minutes and 24 lucky members met up in Amsterdam to embark on the adventure of their life. It was to be a journey of many highs and very few lows. Too much happened to be written down, but some of the highlights included:

Welcome to Saharaaaa: Sleeping under the stars in the desert
From canals to camels: Riding camels dressed in some much-needed colorful scarves
Food coma is the best coma: Cooking delicious tagines and zaaluks – and going home with 7 kilos of dates.
30 dirham and 5000 camels: Exploring the souks and haggling for souvenirs Dutch style.

In short: it was a trip never to forget. To borrow a quote from Benjamin Disraeli: like all great travelers, we have seen more than we remember, and remember more than we have seen. Currently, some of our members are enjoying the Weekend Trip in Edinburgh and Glasgow, and we can’t wait to hear their stories!

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