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Half Year Assembly – Looking Back On AIM’s First Half Year.

Half year assembly – looking back on AIM’s first half year.

On the 5th of March, the 4th Board of AIM held its second General Assembly of the year. The agenda for the meeting included the presentation of the half year and the financial half year report, as well as the composition of the new board application committee of next year. Here are the most important decisions of the assembly:

Application Committee

After another word of appreciation and the formal dismissal of last years’ board application committee, it was time to form the new group of AIM board headhunters. Firstly, two external persons got the chance to present themselves. Unfortunately, Keri van Douwen from PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) could not physically be at the assembly, but her written words sufficiently convinced the members of her capabilities to select AIM’s new board. Among three others, Keri has successfully established KalioPPE last year – the student association of PPLE’s alter ego. Next to her, Pearce Quinn, a former board member of SES (European Studies) got voted in. Pearce was a member of last year’s board, and had strong ties with last years’ board of AIM. Thirdly, after recommendation of last years’ application committee, we chose to have an internal member within the committee as well. The always objective and serious Allison, some of you might know her as Chair of AIM, will take up the challenge to find her successors. The committee will meet up soon to set their plans for the upcoming period.

Half year plan

Our beloved Chair Allison aka Allie explained to what extent the board has succeeded in checking off the goals they set at the beginning of the year – professionalization, bursting the PPLE bubble and inclusive image. So far, the board has made big steps towards these goals. Some examples are the establishing of the Marketing Committee, the new website design developed by Rosie, the introduction of a more professional accounting system by Wouter, and a new promotional schedule developed by Anna. Several events have been organized in collaboration with other study associations, such as the Israel-Palestine academic seminar and our upcoming SES-PPE-AIM borrel. Concluding, and this was confirmed by the Advisory Board, there was praise and excitement for the past and upcoming half year.

Financial half year plan

A similar ambiance emerged during the presentation of the financial half year report by Wouter. Due to positive results on several events, there even was money available for reallocation. Wouter’s proposal however was slightly altered after a substantive discussion between the members and the treasurer. It is good to see that our members do not take his work just for granted and are willing to think with us about the allocation of money.

Afterwards, the assembly was closed, which was at a point of perfect timing given that the beers were cold and the pizzas were about to arrive. We are looking forward to our next Assembly, which will include the establishment of the new board. Super exciting.


Allison, Anna, Wouter, Ferdi, Stef and Rosie – Board of AIM ‘17/’18

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